Dog 'Protects' His Young Girl When She Gets Too Close To Pool

Jun 04, 2020 by apost team

In a video posted in 2015, Sebastian the Newfoundland dog protects young girl Sierra as she picks flowers next to the family pool. Although the pool has a cover on it, Sebastian follows Sierra in flower-picking just to make sure she is safe the whole time.

Sebastian the Newfoundland is one of two dogs in the family—the other being Samson—who care deeply about little Sierra. In this act of loyalty, Sebastian makes sure that Sierra is never too far away as she picks flowers next to the pool.

Although the pool is covered and could likely withstand Sierra's weight if she fell, Sebastian stays right by her side. Sebastian is the ultimate protector in this moment. 

Sebastian's loyalty is characteristic of many family dogs, but it also speaks to his intelligence. He knows that the pool poses a risk to Sierra and therefore is dedicated to protecting her. It's truly a heart-warming moment. 

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