Dog Perfectly Parodies Teenager's Broken Leg 'Walk'

Mar 07, 2019

Dogs are often the star attraction in many of the funniest videos seen online. The personalities of dogs are as varied as they are in people and the perfect canine counterpart is out there for every person.

Dogs are great for companionship and often offer experiences filled with joy and amazement.

One dog recently brought a bit of laughter to all who witnessed his imitation of his owner's walk. The thing that made the impersonation so funny is the teenage owner's leg was in a cast and he was forced to use crutches to get around.

The video is a great watch for all who love dogs. And even people who are not necessarily dog lovers will find themselves amused by the wit and cleverness of the dog.

The video begins with a teenage boy climbing down the stairs on crutches. The reliance on crutches is the result of a recent ankle injury suffered by the boy. Once the stairs are cleared and the boy walks further into the living room, a dog can be seen closely following him.

The large white dog, Sawyer, is doing much more than merely following his friend upon closer inspection. The dog is also limping and it does not take long to discern he is purposely mimicking the walk of the teenager. One can only wonder how long it took the dog to mimic the walk so perfectly.

Even once the teenager is no longer in view of the camera, Sawyer continues to limp on his front right paw. Two things are apparent from the video: Sawyer loves the attention he receives from his family and he performs his imitation limp quite often.

The dog is a perfect example of how smart and clever members of the canine species can be. He is also a great provider of entertainment.

Did you laugh aloud at the dog's imitation of the teenage boy's limp? Send this video to everyone on your friend's list. It is the perfect solution for an otherwise boring day.