Dog Owner Gets Showered With Kisses By Her Pit Bull When He Wakes Up

Jan 14, 2020

Everybody loves giving kisses to those that they care about, and it appears that the feeling isn’t just reserved for humans! When the Pit Bull named “Tank” decided to take a nap, he woke up in a loving mood, and he was ready to shower his owner with doggy slobbers.

In the heartwarming viral video, Tank and his owner are snuggled up in bed together. She is already awake and staring into her camera, but Tank still seems to be asleep. The woman tries to get Tank, who she calls a “Snuggle Bug” to wake up, but it takes a lot of coaxing to get him to open his eyes. When Tank finally is roused from his sleep, he begins to lick all over his owner’s face, giving what she fondly calls “good morning kisses”.

Some people watching the video can’t understand why someone would want to be licked by a dog; however, most of us pet lovers can sympathize far too well!

Despite our best efforts at keeping our animals out of our beds, most of us give in occasionally, and the animals just can’t stop themselves from showing their appreciation through some wet kisses.

Dogs lick things to show affection. So, when you wake up with a slobbery dog tongue in your face, just remember that they are trying to let you know how much they care about you.

While Pit Bulls often get a bad rap for being ferocious and dangerous animals, the owner of Tank seems to be completely at ease with him sleeping at her side. Although Pit Bulls can be aggressive, videos like this are proof that they can also be loving house dogs that simply want to give kisses and snuggle in bed.

Tank doesn’t just like to cuddle with his human mom! We’ve heard that he also enjoys snuggling with her little daughter and enjoys the child's clumsy rubs on his nose.

What do you think of this video clip? Do you love waking up to wet doggy kisses, or is that the last thing that you can imagine enjoying? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments and invite your friends to enjoy Tank’s wake up video, too!