Dog Owner Discovers Naughty Dog Sitting In Pile Of Stuffing After Ripping Up Chair

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

When dog owner, Julia, arrived at her Walton-on-the-Naze home in Essex, England, in November of 2020, all she wanted to do was relax after a long day at work. Well, apparently Julia's dogs decided to give her the extra job of cleaning up feathers after they destroyed one of her chairs.

Imagine having to work two shifts back to back and wanting nothing more than to relax only to come home to a catastrophe. That's what happened to Julia, and the sad part is that the culprits were two of her most beloved beings, her dogs Flo and Ramona. Not only did Julia have to deal with the destruction of her armchair, but there were feathers all over the place. On top of all of that, the evidence still remained in Ramona's mouth, the wirehaired culprit Julia had rescued from Griffon Adoption.

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The long moment of silence from Julia as she walked inside her home and began to pan the camera around the room could only be attributed to shock and disbelief. And after having worked such long hours, her brain probably needed some time to process what she was actually seeing, especially since her dogs had never destroyed anything prior to that day. According to the video description, the most her dog had ever done was tear up a magazine or go after the cat's food but nothing to this extreme.

When Being Unbothered Is Life

What makes matters worse is that not only were the animals' timing horrible, as Julia had just worked a double shift, but they had sort of an unbothered air to them as they were caught red-handed. Not only were they still at the scene of the crime, but the two pooches were also actually relaxing in the pool of feathers as if it was their right.

While Julia's dog Flo was literally lounging on top of a bed of feathers, the other pooch, Ramona sat on top of what was left of the destroyed chair and even had feathers in her mouth. According to the video description, Julia is still having to clean up the feathers, and that the timing of the incident was horrible.

Actions Will Always Speak Louder than Words

The chair that was destroyed, apparently by Ramona as she had the evidence in her mouth, was actually a chair that Flo loved to sleep in. Ironically enough, Ramona had never shown interest in wanting to get up on the chair or sofa before and even refused whenever she was allowed and even encouraged to do so. Therefore, one can only imagine how shocking and odd it was for Julia to find this scene upon arriving home from work.

Julia got Ramona, a 2-year-old rescue dog, from Griffon Adoption located in the UK. Like Ramona, Flo is also a rescue dog who like Ramona comes from Spain, however, the two animals came from different adoption agencies. The two dogs also differ in their disposition, apparently, something that Julia is just now seeing fully.

When Everyone Is a Dog Whisperer

When she saw what happened, Julia said, "It was like trying to laugh while in shock when I saw what she’d done," according to Daily Mail. However, unlike Julia, many people might not take seeing such a sight with so much light-heartedness, especially after having worked such a long day. However, other dog lovers tried to analyze what they felt the dogs might have been feeling, and why this incident took place.

One commenter chalked it up to being separation anxiety and also pointed out that because these are rescue dogs, there is no telling what they might have been through before being adopted. Someone else suggested placing the animals in a kennel while Julia goes to work and only letting them come out whenever they can be properly supervised. Another suggested that Julia used the kennel as sort of a training and disciplinary tool, where she allows the dogs to remain free, but will send them to the kennel whenever they misbehave.

How do you think Julia should have handled this situation, and what do you think she should do going forward to prevent this behavior. If you have animals, do you place them in a kennel when you have to leave or are your pets properly trained? If so, did you hire a professional to train them, or what did you do to eliminate bad behavior. Leave your tips and tricks in the comments so we can have a discussion.

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