Dog Meets Dolphin At An Aquarium And Quickly Becomes His Close Friend

Sep 20, 2020 by apost team

Kevin, a one-year-old, Instagram-famous golden retriever, made the trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida on August 7 to meet their marine animals, becoming best friends with a particular dolphin named Winter.

Animal stories are the best. You've probably heard about dogs and dolphins playing together. It's more like dolphins love to swim up to boats where dogs are hanging out, or a dog and dolphin will frolic in the surf together. It never gets old. This video is a step above.

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This sweet golden retriever, Kevin, became best buds with a dolphin. First off, Kevin is a beloved Instagram star. He has thousands of followers that love to watch his adventures. Kevin's human decided to take him for a visit to Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) where he met his new pal, Winter.

This aquarium is known for its rescued resident dolphins. The two were very interested in one another. They probably wondered what the other was thinking. Dolphins and dogs are both known to be playful, curious creatures.

According to the video by CMA, Winter was new to the aquarium. Kevin's human was actually the first person besides the staff to see inside the dolphin's new home.

Kevin got the pleasure to not only see the new home but to swim in the aquarium with the supervision of an animal specialist. He even got to enjoy and share the water with a cool rubber ducky. Winter and Kevin are now the best of friends.

The aquarium devotes their time and energy to preserving the environment while lifting up those that visit. They're a non-profit with a big love for animals. The animal specialists work with the animals to rescue and rehabilitate them.

They're able to release many animals back into their marine worlds. The organization also does research, education, and conservation. They're dedicated to these animals. This is why they love visitors like Kevin. It's so important to watch the love between Kevin and Winter today. The world needs more stories of two totally different species coming together in love and play.

What do you think of Kevin's day at the aquarium? Do you think Winter will remember him when he comes to visit again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to pass this along to your friends and family!

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