Dog Loves Singing Along To His Favorite Country Song Together With His Owner

When it comes to music lovers, we picture a wide range of different people. From young to old, men and women, business people and farmers, everyone has a type of music that they enjoy. What we sometimes forget is that music isn’t just for people – some animals also love some good tunes. Not only do they enjoy music, but they even have their favorite genres and the singers that they like best.

The dog-owner pair in this video prove to be perfect country music duet partners as they sing along to "Look at You Girl" in this heartwarming video.

One country boy named Chris Petersen proved that this was true when he took a video of himself cruising with his beloved dog in the passenger seat. The pair was listening to music when this beautiful Blue Heeler showed that she has a special love for a certain musician.

Traveling down the road, Chris is singing along to the radio, his voice smooth and steady. The dog sitting beside him seems to be enjoying the ride, simply looking out the window and watching the world go by. But then, everything changes!

As soon as a new song starts, the dog’s eyes get large and she seems to freeze. It is Chris Ledoux singing, and this pooch is absolutely insane over this special country singer. The dog’s ears suddenly perk up and she lets out a noise that sounds like she’s whining.

The dog doesn’t lose her excitement as the song progresses. Instead, she seems to just grow happier and happier. The song, “Look at You Girl”, is obviously a favorite for this puppy. She raises her nose toward the roof of the truck and starts to sing along.

As Chris states in the video description, "She has good taste in music and she's a Chris Ledoux dog."

Her owner, Chris, keeps singing right along with her. The man, the dog, and the radio all make quite a trio.

While the video can make us chuckle, it also stirs a wide range of emotions. It’s obvious that this dog loves not only the singer Ledoux but also her master. It looks like the two of them share a very special bond and that they get to spend a lot of time together.

Watch the video for yourself and see if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face. Do any of your animals have a favorite singer or genre of music?