Dog Lover Arrives At Shelter To Take Home Pup—But Kitten Steals His Heart

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

Seeing animals at shelters can be both an adorable and sad thing—on the one hand, dogs and cats are the sweetest and cutest friends to humans, but on the other, it's impossible to give them all a home at once. But imagine going to a shelter for a dog and instead, being so taken by another animal that you leave with a cat?

That's what happened recently to one Reddit user from Dallas, Texas, who goes by the name psychicflea. He went in for a dog but ended up leaving with a tiny kitten!

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Posting in the aww subreddit on September 18, psychicflea explained the story behind adopting the adorable kitten. He wrote:

"Monday I arrived at a local shelter to transport a German Shepherd that had been pulled by a rescue to transport it to its foster. On entering the lobby, I heard this loud, echoing yowling and I had to go see it, if course [sic]...there were signs everywhere NOT to touch the animals which only made the yowling louder. He was a singleton and for a kitten, that's tough!"

The video posted by psychicflea shows the adorable little kitty meowing as it holds onto the bars from inside its enclosure. Its tiny little paws are too cute for words, and they're also wet from trying to scramble up the cage but accidentally stepping into its water bowl. Its little head peeps out through the bars while its big eyes are too cute to resist.

Psychicflea then explains what he did next:

"I quickly posted him to several rescue groups I transport for but at the last minute I decided, just adopt him and deal with it later. Luckily I had an extra crate with me. Not a half hour later a rescue had found a foster for the tiny loud mouth we named Paw-varotti."

Reddit users found the video just as irresistible, racking up over 93,000 votes since it was posted. Other commenters discussed how adorable Paw-varotti is. One wrote:

"Sometimes you pick the kitten, sometimes the kitten picks you."

While another said:

"My cat is lying next to me and as soon as I started watching your video he perked right up and was sniffing my phone trying to figure out where your cat was."

It's positive to hear about Paw-varotti's happy ending. Not all animals who end up in shelters have such happy outcomes, or at least not for some time. To see that the tiny kitten found a home so quickly is sure to bring a smile to animal lovers everywhere.

Do you have a similar positive story regarding animals from a shelter? Or do you know anyone who's had something similar happen to them? We'd love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this adorable story on to any animal lovers you know!

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