Dog Hears Farmer's Whistle Coming From Field Which Quickly Ensues In Hilarious Scene

Have you ever heard of a dog called a lurcher? These dogs are a crossbreed between a sighthound, like a greyhound, and another breed of dog.

While they are not recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Association, the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom or any other official dog breeding group, they a popular choice with participants in timed obstacle courses because of their speed and their willingness to learn.

This type of dog is also a favorite of many types of bird dog hunters where they have especially proved their usefulness in rabbit hunting.

Lurchers are much more popular in the United Kingdom than they are in the United States. Their easy trainability makes them a favorite farm dog. While they often do well as a single dog, they can also form friendships with dogs of other breeds.

This video shows a prime example of this as you see the lurcher bouncing his way across the tall crop on the way back to his master after he whistles.

At times, he looks more like a kangaroo than a dog as he bounces high to see where he is going.

Notice that while the lurcher's taller height, physical prowess, and speed make it easier for him to get through the crop than his Jack Russell terrier friend, he refuses to leave him for fear that he would lose his way.

If you are impressed with the lurcher, they are seldom available in the United States. You are also unlikely to see them at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show unless they are competing on an obstacle course. Instead, simply head to the nearest gathering of horse people because this type of dog has a unique fondness for hanging out with horses.

In many circles, this dog would simply be known as a mutt. Tell us about your favorite mutt or the weirdest dog story that you know to be true. Think about showing this video to a friend who also appreciates dogs.