Dog Hears Farmer's Whistle Coming From Field As Hysterical Scene Quickly Unfolds

Ever heard talk of a lurcher? Don't be embarrassed if you haven't because most of us are in the same boat. The lurcher is a mixture of a sighthound and another breed, usually a type of terrier. They're great companions for hunting and controlling the pest population around the farm.

Thanks to their genetic makeup, their long legs can whip around the farm terrace at over 40 mph. That's why it's not uncommon to see them participate in hare coursing competitions. Meghan the lurcher has that same speed and agility that you'd expect a lurcher to have. However, she's also got a special talent that has the whole world laughing.

As you can see in the video below, it all began on a sunny day. Meghan and her partner in crime, Molly, a Jack Russell terrier, were taking a pleasant stroll through the green grass alongside tall, never-ending rows of crops. 

It was around lunchtime, so Molly began to chomp on the tall crops. Suddenly, the sound of the farmer's whistle sent them into a frenzy, and they took off running into the distance. As they blindly sped through the tall crops, all you could see was Meghan's tail at first.

Then out of nowhere, it happened. Meghan morphed into what looked like a cross between a kangaroo and a rabbit!

It was hilarious to see her in action with her tail wagging back and forth. At one point, she paused to check up on Molly, whose short stature made it almost impossible to see what was ahead. Then she was right back to her antics.

See for yourself just how comical Meghan navigated through the fields in the video below.

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