Dog Has Most Epic Freakout Ever When Owners Surprise Him With New Puppy.

May 16, 2019

A dog knows what unconditional love is for sure. Gillian Robles, a Twitter user who is now a senior at her local high school in Tampa, Florida, saw that for herself when she brought home a new dog.

Gillian and her family own a dog named Indy, who is a mixed breed with an attitude. They also own a black Labrador named Arden who is obsessed with food. Both of the dogs have gotten along very well and everyone enjoys a happy family life together.

Gillian’s family probably spoiled the two dogs immensely. They decided that it was time to add to their little family one day, so they talked to the two dogs about the newest addition. Sure, the dogs probably didn’t quite understand what was about to happen, but we bet they quickly figured it out when it did.

Gillian brought home the new family dog herself one day. The pup? A champagne-colored Labrador retriever. They called the puppy Stella and were eager to introduce her to the other dogs. Arden was probably completely unaware of the gift he was about to get. Gillian decided to video the very moment that the two dogs met, and the video she recorded is too cute for words.

Gillian and her family put Stella in a box and set it down by Arden. They let Arden check out the box and push at the lid with his nose. When the older dog realizes that there is a puppy inside she becomes excited, but it is when she realizes what is really happening she gets hysterical.

Arden began wagging her tail excitedly. Then, her whole body goes into her tail wag before she starts to run about in crazy circles. She then runs back to sniff at Stella before she zooms off again. Her big eyes are crazy with glee and we are pretty sure that we have never seen anyone this excited about anything before now.

Gillian posted the adorable video on Twitter where it quickly tallied up more than 15 million views. No one could get over just how sweet Arden’s reaction was to his new friend. When you watch the video for yourself you will see just how amazing these dogs really are. 

Check it out for yourself in the video below:

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