Dog Goes To School Each Day And Helps Kindergarten Kids Safely Cross Street

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

Kupata is an adorable dog who lives in Batumi, Georgia, but he's not your regular pup. Of his own free will, Kupata acts as a traffic controller in front of a kindergarten, ensuring children can cross the busy road safely.

Originally a stray who lived in a park near the elementary school, Kupata has taken his civic role very seriously and is now a local hero. His friends and fans have even created social media pages to help share Kupata's story!

Crossing busy streets during high-traffic hours can be tricky, and sometimes even dangerous business. This goes double for children, who often don't necessarily know when it's safe to cross. However, traffic safety is no longer an issue in the town of Batumi, Georgia, all thanks to the assistance of a very helpful dog named Kupata. Kupata showed up as a stray dog at the park located near an elementary school about two years ago, and he's taken his job as an official traffic officer very seriously since then.

According to local residents, Kupata showed up when he was still a puppy at the local park. Next door, there's an apartment complex that Kupata calls his "home"—he stays there and is taken care of by a few of the residents. They see to it that Kupata is fed, groomed, vetted, and otherwise cared for fairly regularly. He may feel like he's living the life, but there's one thing missing—his obvious civic duties.

From a relatively young age, Kupata realized that throughout the day children would have to cross the relatively busy street in the middle of Batumi, which can be dangerous, even with adult supervision. That's when Kupata bravely decided it was his job to be the city's best traffic officer, and he certainly does the job.

A local resident, in an interview about Kupata with The Dodo, as reported by BoredPanda, said,

"Kupata gets angry when a car crosses by every time. He takes his job very seriously. And sometimes he waits for children for one hour, to make sure that they feel safe in the park and they cross the street safely."

Some of the locals, who had taken notice of Kupata's role in helping local children, have ensured he's well taken care of. In fact, they've even started an Instagram and a Facebook page for their favorite furry traffic officer. Videos and reports of residents who frequently see Kupata advised that he's extremely dedicated to his work.

He'll happily run into the street, forcing traffic to stop and effectively "herding" the children to ensure they get across the road safely. He's also known for helping guard the local park, making sure the children feel safe gathering and playing there. As one of his Facebook fans said, nothing gets past Kupata.

From Street Dog to an Internet Icon

Since his social media account holders started actively posting videos and images of Kupata doing what he does best—guarding the roads and helping children cross the street—he's become quite the sensation. As it stands now, Kupata has over 20,000 followers on Instagram and another 10,000 followers on Facebook.

Internet fame isn't quite where it ends, though. Kupata—whose name in English means Sausage, for those who were curious—has received some fame and proper accreditation for his services, as well. The Adjara Tourism Department recently honored Kupata with his own doghouse, which includes a People's Choice Star of Fame with his name engraved. Residents and tourists all greatly appreciate his services.

When he's not guarding the streets, he can often be found at the local park, playing with children. Kupata grew up with kids, he loves playing with them.

"There is a park next to his place, so he is always playing with kids in that park,” the person running Kupata’s Instagram account told representatives of BoredPanda.

Having grown up with children, Kupata simply seems to have a soft spot for them. Ultimately, Kupata is a dog on a mission—to protect the children of his community and keep them safe while they cross streets and play. It's most certainly a noble profession and one that can be appreciated by any dog lover. He has grown on the hearts of the local community, and his good deeds have been noted by individuals around the globe, making him something of a local celebrity.

We definitely appreciate Kupata, and we hope our readers do too. If you've ever seen something this wholesome, feel free to let us know! We love animals, and any animal who is willing to protect vulnerable communities like this deserves their recognition and some time in the spotlight. Pass on Kupata's story to brighten someone's day!