Dog Goes Rogue In Obstacle Course Competition Causing Crowd To Crack Up

Jul 27, 2020

Did you or your friends ever watch a dog competition on television or even in person? If you did, you could probably tell that these pups have gone through years and countless hours of arduous training and practice.

Several of the courses can be incredibly tricky, especially considering which event is taking place. Therefore, when a dog is successful, you cannot help but have admiration for its skill.

However, dogs will always be dogs, and that means that even with lots of practice and a dedicated handler, things will not always go as planned. Frequently, these unplanned deviations from the course can leave a crowd absolutely frozen with shock, but in this case, the crowd was absolutely paralyzed in laughter!

In a video that's been witnessed over 1 million times on social media, a Husky named Lobo prepares for one such agility competition. It was hosted by the Westminster Kennel Club, which is one of the most reputable dog organizations there is.

Winning the event would be an incredibly prestigious laurel for Lobo, and his owner was incredibly excited to see how he would perform. Those in the audience could already tell that it was a difficult course. As part of the competition, the participants were required to show athleticism, agility, speed, and strict obedience.

Even though each course is unique, they frequently are made up of jumps, weave poles, seesaws, broad jumps, tire jumps, tunnels, and whatever else the devious designers can whip up from their imaginations. It's obvious that it's not just the dog that's put through an athletic challenge but the human handler as well!

Adam Davis was Lobo's handler, and he was quickly introduced by the announcer for the event. They took their places at the starting point, and Lobo looked alert and raring to begin.

The pup made his first jump over a spiraled pole with ease, but then things began to go awry. Rather than focusing on the course and the other obstacles, Lobo started to look at the cameraman before deciding to make his way back over to his handler.

Knowing that this flub will cost the team their score, the crowd lets out a brief gasp. Davis is able to get Lobo under control, and he is able to surmount the next three-pole jumps without flaw. But once he gets to the pole weaving portion, Lobo keeps stuttering. Davis keeps his composure, but it's clear he's becoming frustrated with the dog's lack of adherence to the challenge.

Lobo finally did attempt the segment, but he took his sweet time and languidly wandered around each pole. At this point, the audience couldn't help but let out a few giggles at how inept the dog was, much to the dismay of Davis.

After sprinting through the tunnel portion, Lobo is distracted again. Almost as if seeming to forget entirely where he was and what he was supposed to do, Lobo stops in the middle of the performance to wander over to the sitting crowds. He looks up at them, hoping to get a few pets. At least Lobo is a friendly dog!

Davis manages to coax Lobo through the rest of the course with mixed results, and the dog performs admirably. The announcer says that he believes Lobo to be the crowd favorite of the night. If the reaction of the audience after Lobo was finished is anything to go by, then the announcer was certainly correct!

Have you or your friends ever attended a dog competition and saw something similar? How was the reaction of the rest of the crowd? We want to hear your stories & make sure to pass it on to your friends and loved ones!