Dog Gets Jealous Of Sister's Ear Medicine, So Owner Pretends He Needs It Too

Sep 18, 2018 by apost team

Cache is a golden Labrador who sits patiently next to his sister as she is receiving treatment for her ears. The video of the two shows just how adorable Cache is as he waits for ear treatment that he doesn’t really need.

As Cache is waiting, his owner squirts ear medicine into the ears of his sister and ends with an ear massage. After being shared to social media by Chloe Copley, the video of the two dogs has been viewed on Twitter over 10 million times. Though Cache’s owner only pretended to give him treatment for his ears, he gladly received his ear rub.

The cheerful video can be viewed here as Cache and his sister take turns getting treatment for their ears. Once Cache’s sister was done having her ears treated, she politely moves out of the way so that her brother can take her place. Though no command had been given to Cache, he happily takes his place in front of his owner. He sits and waits for what’s to come.

The owner cleverly puts the cap back on the medicine and proceeds to pretend to squirt the treatment into Cache’s ears. As he does this, he does a very convincing performance by making sounds that mimic the squirting sounds that would normally come from the bottle of medicine. The performance seemed to have pleased Cache.

After receiving the final treatment of having his ears rubbed, Cache is informed by his owner that they were all done. Immediately following this, Cache hops to his feet and carries on with the rest of the day after being satisfied with his freshly treated ears.

The video that was shared to Twitter by Chloe was headlined with words that stated that her dog was receiving ear medicine that she needed. As a result of this, their other male dog believed that it was necessary for him to receive the treatment as well. Who would be able to find it in their hearts to tell him no? Afterall, he was very patient as he waited for his turn.

Along with being viewed over 10 million times, the video received over 300,000 retweets. As a result of this, comments ranging in the thousands were left on the post as people continued to fall in love with Cache. Many of the comments expressed how adorable Labradors are. Other comments encouraged the owners to never tell him that the medicine was fake.

As a result of receiving so much love from so many onlookers all around the world, Chloe has begun to post more videos of Cache as they live out their daily lives. In one video we learn that not only does Cache enjoy ear rubs but he also loves receiving foot massages. Another video showcased Cache quickly stuffing his mouth with toys too fast for his sister to get any.

Many of us assume that Cache is being fooled by his owners. Who’s to say he isn’t the one fooling us? Maybe he just enjoys the ear rubs. Do you have a similar story to tell about your dog? Tell us about it. We would love to hear it.