Dog Falling From 9th Floor Balcony Is Rescued By Pedestrian

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

Dogs certainly get themselves into mischief here and there. They don't always listen when you tell them not to chew up your favorite shoes or pillow, and they often run off if they manage to get off of their leash.

However, you can always forgive them for their annoying behavior when they look at you with their cute little eyes and wagging tails. In the video below from 2018, one Shih Tzu's mischief led to a scary situation in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, which thankfully ended well.

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Some dogs scare us more than anything not because they are mean or fierce but because they get themselves into dangerous situations. Dogs do not have the same sense of danger as humans do, so they often get themselves into some pretty scary predicaments.

This was the case for Mel, a Shih Tzu who was having fun one day in her home in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. According to the Daily Mail, Mel was on the balcony of her home playing around. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, this particular balcony was on the 9th floor. Mel decided to climb up on the railing and found that she was unable to get back down.

If she fell from there onto the ground, it would surely kill her. Luckily, a passerby noticed the dog struggling and stopped to help. Joao Augusto looked around when he heard barking. When he looked up at the balcony, he realized that the little dog was in imminent danger.

He started yelling to Paulo Narciso, the caretaker of the building, to grab a sheet or a towel to catch Mel when she fell. However, it became apparent that they would not have time for that.

As the dog slipped from the balcony, Joao watched carefully from the ground. Mel began to plummet 100 feet towards the ground as Joao steadied himself and got ready to catch the dog. While he wasn’t able to completely catch her, he was able to break her fall, ultimately saving the little dog’s life.

Joao also fell as the dog plummeted through his arms. Luckily, little Mel was seen walking away completely unharmed. She even looked back towards her savior as if she wanted to say thank you. It was an amazing situation for everyone involved.

You can watch the heart-thumping video below:

What an amazingly close call! We are so happy Mel was able to walk away from such a high fall. Thank goodness for people like Joao! How did you feel about this video? Feel free to comment below. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts–and make sure you pass this on to your friends and family!

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