Dog Escapes Yard & Shows Up To Doggy Day Care By Herself

Oct 22, 2021 by apost team

Some dogs really love going to doggy daycares to mingle with other dogs. They can also spend some time relaxing while getting pampered and cared for at the daycare, and they might even get the chance to learn some new tricks. This environment is a great way for dogs to socialize and have a safe place to go during the day when their owners aren’t home. One dog loved her daycare so much that she even went to the daycare on her own, without her owners’ knowledge.

Jem is a 5-year-old dog that has been going to Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa in Winnipeg, Canada since she was just a puppy. The establishment has two locations in the area and operates as a doggy spa and daycare, and the workers have gotten to learn the typical dogs that visit them pretty well. That’s why Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa employee Marty was so surprised to see Jem waiting outside the center with no owner in sight.

Jem had managed to escape her yard and set out on a journey to the daycare center. Even though her owners weren’t ready to get up for the day and take her to her favorite location, Jem seemed more than happy to trot down to the facility on Oct. 16, 2021, to spend some quality time with the workers and the other dogs. Read on to find out more about how this dog managed to escape her yard and make her way to the doggy daycare all on her own.

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CHVN reported that Marty had a surprise at 6:30 a.m. when he saw a dog waiting outside the front door of Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa on Oct. 16, 2021. While it wasn’t uncommon to see Jem at the daycare, it was surprising to see she showed up with no owner in sight — something she had never done before since her owners always drove her.

Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa employee Shawn Bennett explained that Marty saw a dog’s nose poking through the fence outside the daycare. At first, he thought it might have been a stray, but then realized it was actually Jem. “Jem decided on Saturday morning that her parents were not getting up quick enough to take her to Happy Tails,” Bennett said. “She often comes Saturdays or Sundays.” 

According to CHVN, Jem managed to jump the fence in her yard before making her way to the daycare on her own. “It’s about five blocks from her house to Happy Tails on St Anne’s Road,” Bennett said. “Thankfully she did it safely.” 

After looking around for her owners, Marty let Jem inside and quickly called her owners, asking, “Are you missing something?” Thankfully Jem was in good hands. She had been frequenting the daycare since she was just a puppy. Jem used to visit a few times a week, but her owners started to only bring her about once a week after the pandemic hit. It’s clear that she loves the place as security camera footage showed her excitedly wagging her tail the moment she walked in.

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