Unhappy Dog Cries Over Separation From Cow That Raised Him, Eventually Sees Cow's Face Again

Abandoned when he was just a puppy, Rookie the dog was adopted by a family that had a farm with many animals. One of which was a cow who quickly took on the role of the mother figure in his life.

Finances were getting tight on the farm and the two owners had to make a decision that they would later regret. They determined the only option they had was to sell their cow, which would bring them quite a bit of money and also lower the costs that were associated with feeding the cow.

They ended up selling the cow to another farmer in their area, but they were worried that this might have a negative impact on Rookie.


Just as they had suspected, Rookie was so saddened by losing his best friend that he started crying and refused to eat. The couple had never seen a dog cry before and knew they must get the cow back, even if it meant they would have to struggle financially.

However, Rookie beat them to the punch and decided to run away from the farm in search of his buddy.

Using his strong sense of smell and hearing, Rookie was able to track down his friend at a nearby farm. He could not control his excitement and ran around in a frenzy, as the two buddies rejoiced in their reunion. Luckily, the buyer of the cow was more than willing to sell the cow back, so Rookie and his cow friend were reunited in the end.

While there is no denying the fact that these two will continue to be an item for life, the veterinarian has suggested it may be a good idea for Rookie to find some fellow dog companions. The couple that runs the farm knows that even if they get some other dogs from Rookie to hang out with, the cow will always be his best friend.

Dogs are incredibly lovable creatures that truly are the perfect pet companion. There are tons of dogs that are currently sitting in shelters waiting for their forever homes, so make sure you think about adopting if you want to get a new pet. Pass this along to your friends and family!