Dog Chained Outside In Freezing Temperatures Had To Alternate Between Paws To Keep Off The Cold Ground

Diesel lives in the Yukon. He's a lovable dog who has spent at least four years of his life chained outside. Fortunately, someone came along to save him just in time.

The area where Diesel has lived sees temperatures well below zero. There's often snow on the ground as well. This means that Diesel has had to walk over ground that is freezing, a situation that has likely caused pain for him to endure.

While Diesel has been outside, he has had to alternate one foot from the other so that his paws don't stick to the ground that has been covered with snow and ice.

There have been animals that have tried to attack him, and since he hasn't been able to leave his yard or get away from them because of the chain, he's been injured. Diesel has had teeth broken by a horse that has kicked him.

Unfortunately, Diesel's owner got tired of having him around and had planned to shoot him before someone from Animal Advocates found him.

When Diesel was rescued, the group just wanted to make sure he was healthy and that he had everything he needed for a happy life. A few days after Diesel was rescued, he was flown to a location where he received treatment for his health issues and where he was neutered. After spending a short time in a foster home, Diesel finally had a loving home.

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