Dog Can't Fathom Why His Family Brought Home New Puppy Without Checking With Him Beforehand

Kevin, a white labradoodle, had the undivided attention of his owners Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband up until they brought home another dog, Lyle. In this fun Instagram video from 2019, Kevin does not look amused with his parents choice to adopt another dog.

Kevin ruled the roost at home for four years, The Dodo reports. He loved his situation. But that all recently changed when Stroup and her husband went out to adopt another animal. They found the cutest little puppy and named him Lyle. Like all puppies, Lyle is very rambunctious and playful.

They didn’t consult Kevin on the decision, however. The quiet life that Kevin had enjoyed for so long was now over. Instead, he was now subject to a playful, annoying, crazy puppy that wanted attention all of the time. Whatever would he do?

Kevin wasn’t exactly happy about the sudden change in the house. You can even watch his initial reaction here:

In an interview with The Dodo, Stroup said that Kevin definitely had a “What have you done?” face in the video when he was introduced to his new sibling.

While Stroup said that Lyle is basically the complete opposite of Kevin, the new puppy really adores his big brother now that they've gotten to know each other. He is obsessed with Kevin and follows him around relentlessly. Lyle is now like his conjoined twin.

While it took a little while for Kevin to get used to his new little brother, he has come around. He now enjoys the charming ways of the little puppy. Even though Lyle totally disrupted the peace and quiet that Kevin was so used to, you can tell that Kevin now enjoys having him close by. They hang out when their humans are gone.

In time, the rambunctious puppy will likely mellow out to a speed that Kevin is more used to. Until then, they are both enjoying their time together. Their human parents are also enjoying them, as well. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

You can check out more pictures of the two dogs together below. They love each other now, and it really shows!

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