Dog At Sea With Family Gets Present From Dolphin Which Is Stunning

In an unforgettable clip from a 2000 IMAX documentary, a friendly dolphin jumps out of the water to say hi and kiss a dog sitting in a motorboat. The old clip resurfaced when the enviornmental organization One World One Ocean posted the video back in 2012.

In this popular video — which comes from the 2000 IMAX film Dolphins, according to The Huffington Post — a boat owner goes for a ride with two of his dogs. The brown dog is not interested in what’s going on beneath the water. He’s just enjoying the sweet breeze on his face. His companion, the black dog, is more curious. He puts his paws on the side of the boat and looks at all the fish swimming below.

During the boat ride, dolphins approach the vessel. One of them jumps out of the water in excitement. The dogs just stare at these huge sea creatures. They don’t know what to make of the entire act. Since they can’t jump and chase after the dolphins, they watch in amazement and confusion.

The black dog is more interested in the animals and goes closer to the edge of the boat to see them underwater.

Out of nowhere, one dolphin comes out of the water and kisses the black dog on the mouth. It’s one of those moments that the dog wishes never happened. He was not prepared. After the kiss, the dog was left with a blank stare.

If someone told you this story, you would never believe it. The good news is that everything was captured on tape.

After the kiss, the dolphin had a sudden burst of energy. The dolphin swam away from the boat and put on a spectacular air show. It’s as if the kiss had made its day.

If you ever doubted that animals have feelings, this video will give you all the proof you need. Have you ever encountered a dolphin in the wild, and if so, what happened? Let us know and pass this amazing wildlife clip on to fellow animal lovers.