Doctors Predict Girl Will Never Hold A Job – Proves Them Wrong By Becoming State’s First Autistic Lawyer

Jul 15, 2019

Haley Moss has a motto that describes her entire outlook and approach to life. She shared that motto on her website. It states, "Different isn't bad. It's just different. And different can be extraordinary."

There's a story behind those simple yet powerful words. At just three years old, Haley was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Her compassionate and understanding parents taught Haley to "embrace" rather than live in denial of her autism’s Daily Business Review reports. Throughout her life, she chose to follow their sage advice and learn to thrive in spite of her limitations.

It hasn't always been easy for Haley and her family. Right from the beginning, the physician who diagnosed her gave them some devastating opinions about her future prospects. He told her parents it was unlikely she would be able to drive a car or graduate from high school.

Haley and her family, however, refused to give up when it came to seeing how far she would be able to go in life. Against all odds, Haley went far beyond the doctor's pessimistic predictions. Haley has a difficult time with certain everyday tasks, such as doing laundry. But the key to her success is that she doesn't give up when things are tough.

She ended up graduating not just from high school, but also from the University of Miami Law School! As of January 2019, she was admitted to the Florida Bar in January of 2019. The Sun-Sentinal claimed that no person who has openly disclosed an autism diagnosis has achieved this milestone so far.

Moss loves writing and throws herself into her work. She greatly enjoys using her talents and gifts to assist other people. She is scheduled to begin working as a law associate with Zumpano Patricios, a distinguished law firm in the Miami area. Joe Zumpano, one of the firm's founders, has an autistic teenaged son.

Moss is excited to be following her dreams and exceeding expectations. She hopes that her achievement will pave the way for people to gain a greater understanding of the differences in the way people with autism think.

What are your thoughts about Haley Moss becoming a lawyer even though she is living with autism? Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with autism or who has an autistic child who could be encouraged by this story? If so, pass it along! This uplifting account may be just the type of inspiration they need to reach for their dreams!