Doctors Give Out Warning When 28-Year-Old Man Suffers A Stroke After Cracking His Neck

If you've ever worked an office job, you know how amazing it feels to crack your neck and back after sitting at your desk all day. Maybe you do it when you wake up in the morning or after a long car ride. It doesn't matter when or why you crack your neck; it could have serious, or even fatal, consequences. Images

Josh Hader was a typical healthy 28-year-old. That all changed when he did something that he had done every day for years: He cracked his neck.

As soon as Josh Hader heard the familiar pop of his neck aligning itself, he knew something was wrong. His vision blurred, and the left side of his body went numb. He thought he might have pinched a nerve, so he tried to walk to the freezer for an ice pack he told KOCO. It was then that he realized he couldn't walk.

Hader's father-in-law rushed him to the local emergency room. An x-ray revealed that the simple act of popping his neck had torn a vertebral artery. A vertebral artery is one of the major arteries found in the neck.

Josh Hader suffered a stroke because of the torn artery. The attending doctor told his family that he was lucky. The resulting blood clot could have caused a more serious stroke that would have been fatal.

Hader survived the ordeal, but he still suffers from several long-term effects of his stroke. He struggles to walk, and his vision is affected. He has painful bouts of the hiccups that last for weeks on end. He also has trouble caring for his young son.

Josh Hader isn't the only person to suffer a stroke after cracking his neck. A 23-year-old London woman was left paralyzed after she popped her neck. Natalie Kunicki was watching a movie when she stretched and heard a loud pop. She collapsed when she tried to stand up to use the bathroom.

Kunicki needed emergency surgery to repair a torn vertebral artery. The stroke left her partially paralyzed, and doctors are uncertain if she'll ever fully recover. 

Doctors are urging patients to stop cracking their necks. If you feel he need to pop your neck, turn your head from side to side. Never twist your neck.

You can watch the video of Josh Hader's journey for yourself.

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