Doctor Asks To Hold Audience Member’s Newborn Baby Before Realizing He's A Baby Doll

Stephanie decided to be in the guest audience of the popular TV show known as "The Doctors." She brought all of her seven babies to the event but to everyone's surprise not a single baby was real. They were, in fact, just very real-looking dolls.

Stephanie was always an ardent lover of dolls. Ever since she was a little girl, she collected dolls and later even started creating her own versions. She has perfected her art so much that the dolls can hardly be recognized from real babies.

There must be something special about her dolls because Stephanie has a plethora of subscribers who follow her channel as she changes the diapers of her babies, feeds them, and takes them for a stroll through the park. Nobody can guess that these are just dolls unless they take a long, hard look at them.

Even Stephanie's 13-year-old daughter has become a part of her mom's business. Far from imagined, the doll-making business turned out to be extremely successful for Stephanie. She admits that she earns much more money than she ever did with her past job.

People have different opinions of Stephanie's dolls and the people who are into such a hobby of collecting dolls. While some consider it a passion that shouldn't be bothered, some people feel that taking care of fake babies hides behind it a deep psychological issue.

What do you think of this hobby of collecting dolls and what do you think of the dolls made by Stephanie? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to see what side they take!