Do You Love To Be Alone? We Bet You Have These Traits

Sep 06, 2017 by apost team

Everyone knows someone who truly enjoys being by themselves. If you don’t know someone, that person may just be you! Some people simply love to be home alone, cuddled up on the couch watching a good movie instead of hanging out at a loud club or jammed-packed party. And while there is nothing at all wrong with that, these people often do get a bad reputation! Some people see introverts as judgmental and boring or think they are too anxiety-riddled to come out and have fun.But the truth is many people who prefer solitude enjoy it for their own simple reasons. They aren’t very different than anyone else. However, those who enjoy some quiet time on a regular basis usually have a few special personality traits! Read on to find out what they are.#1 They Really Do Like PeopleA person who likes to be alone doesn’t necessarily dislike others. While an introvert doesn’t always make friends as easily as some, once they do, they will usually connect with them for life. #2 They Are More Open-Minded Than You ThinkIt may seem like someone who loves their personal alone time is judgmental. But being alone doesn’t mean this is the case. They simply love to have some time to their selves in the peace of quiet of their own residence. Many introverts are much more open-minded than people tend to think!#3 They Listen Really WellMen and women who can enjoy their own solitude are generally really great listeners. This is often because they would rather listen to their friends and family than talk. This means that you will always have a great friend who will listen to your problems and let you cry on their shoulder if you need it!#4 They Are Not NeuroticIntroverts often get cast as the neurotic type- moody, anxious, worried, depressed and/or fearful. But this is simply not always true. While many people do have some of these personality traits, not everyone who is a loner is neurotic.#5 They Can Be Over-Stimulated Much EasierThose who love their solitude can easily get overwhelmed when they are in a loud crowd or noisy area. While they are not afraid to put themselves in this position, they usually simply prefer to be in a quiet, cozy spot in their own home. They love being where it is quiet and peaceful so that they can enjoy the solitude it brings. Additional TitlesUnderstanding Loners- Personality Traits Of IntrovertsDo You Love To Be Alone? We Bet You Have These Traits!