Do You Know What Your Birth Flower Is? Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality

Sep 02, 2018 by apost team

You may be familiar with zodiac signs and gemstones associated with when you were born, but what about flowers? Floriography is a Victorian concept that refers to flowers as a language. In those days, people would communicate with flowers, but they also went a step further. Flowers were an insight into a person's character.

Flowers can do the same thing today.

Read on to find out what you can learn about the flower associated with your birth month:

January - Carnation

Carnation is January's flower. These blooms, which are often pink, represent fascination, distinction, love and affection.

If you're a January baby, you're probably family-oriented. You're loyal to your friends, modest and affectionate to those you love.

February - Violet

February means violets, a particularly popular flower in Victorian times because of their association with modesty and innocence. They also stand for wisdom and faithfulness.

People born in February tend to have a wisdom that belies their youth along with a strong sense of intuition and spirituality. They may seem reserved, but they are loyal to those they love.

March - Daffodil

March's flower, the daffodil, is said to bring good luck, especially if you see the season's first bloom.

If you were born in March, you appreciate simplicity like daffodils, but you also have an artistic bent. You're well-organized and good at multi-tasking. You also have lots of good luck, so working hard usually brings you success.

April - Daisy

Daisies are pure and innocent, and these qualities are associated with people born in April. Friends exchanged daisies in ancient times as a symbol of secrecy.

If daisies are your birth flower, people love your optimism and your ability to keep secrets safe. You have a great spirit of adventure, and people find you entertaining and cheerful.

May - Lilly of the Valley

While May's flower, Lilly of the Valley, can be poisonous, you are anything but. Known for your sweetness, people also love you for your practical problem-solving skills, your ambition and your reliability.

Friends and family of people born in May known that they are safe and loved, and this flower signifies humility and happiness.

June - Rose

Most people associate roses with love, but the different colors of roses have different meanings. Roses also mean confidentiality, and purple roses signal love at first sight while white ones mean chastity.

If the rose is your birth flower, then, of course, you are a romantic. Your relationships are passionate and meaningful, and you are both traditional and sophisticated. You can be thorny like a rose on the outside, hiding it when others hurt you.

July - Delphinium

You might not associate fish and flowers, but delphiniums get their name from delphis, which means dolphin in Greek. Closed delphinium buds look like dolphin noses.

These flowers are associated with opportunity, openness, and positivity, and those born in July have these traits as well. You probably tend to be an overachiever. You embrace new people and new experiences, and people are drawn to your wit and charm.

August - Gladiolus

August's flower, gladiolus, also gets its name from Greek, in this case for the word for sword because warriors used to wear it. It was believed to offer protection, and it stands for moral integrity, sincerity, devotion and strength.

These traits also make people into natural leaders, and people respect your charm and intellect. You set goals and are driven to succeed.

September - Astrae

The Greek goddess Astraea lent her name to this star-shaped flower as mythology says it was made from her tears. Daintiness and patience are associated with the aster, but when it is purple, it means royalty and wisdom.

People born with the aster as their flower are perfectionists and good listeners. They don't talk much, and they can be easily hurt.

October - Calendula

You may know the calendula as the pot marigold. If you were born in October, you are as warm and bright as this flower, which is also valued for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Transformation and protection are qualities associated with the calendula. You tend to be friendly and easy-going, but others look to you for advice. Personal growth is important to you.

November - Chrysanthemum

Laughter and happiness are associated with November's flower, chrysanthemums, in Feng Shui. They are traditionally symbols of a calm optimism and cheer.

If this is your flower, you may come off as intense because you are struggling between an outer toughness and inner tenderness. You tend toward honesty and want to protect your loved ones.

December - Narcissus

The white narcissus is your flower. Vanity, hope, good fortune and wealth are all qualities associated with the narcissus, and if you were born in December, you have that good fortune as well.

Strong-willed and confident, you are admired by others. You try to follow logic instead of emotion.

Did you see yourself reflected in the description of your flower and month? Comment and let us know and pass this on so your friends and loved ones can see what their flower is.