Diver's Body Balloons After Surfacing From The Ocean Too Quickly

One experienced diver happened to make a novice mistake that left him looking like a balloon. Alejandro Ramos Martinez, from Peru, makes his living by diving into deep ocean waters to catch fish. However, one day, he made the mistake of surfacing too quickly, reports The Sun.


His body immediately became swollen as the dissolved nitrogen naturally present in the body adhered to his muscles, forming large and uncomfortable sacs. Four years after the incident and he still suffers from the condition called decompression sickness, also known as "the bends."



According to eMedicineHealth, symptoms of this condition include itchy skin, headaches, fatigue, and swollen and painful joints. In extremely rare cases, the condition may even lead to paralysis or death.


Because the bubbles of nitrogen are stuck to the muscles, doctors are unable to perform surgery to relieve the pressure. According to the Metro, the only thing that they can do for Martinez is to administer oxygen therapy in an effort to reduce the percentage of nitrogen in the body. In addition to the pain and swelling that accompanies this condition, Martinez also has to deal with hypertension.

Martinez may be eligible to undergo surgery to improve his appearance. However, this surgery is extremely expensive and Martinez does not have the money to afford it.

You can see how much pain Martinez is in simply by looking at these pictures. Anybody who dives needs to be aware of this dangerous condition. After you have looked at the lasting effects of this condition, be sure to spread these pictures of Martinez to everyone that you know.

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