Display Your Jewelry In The Most Clever And Creative Ways

You spend hours finding the perfect jewelry to accompany every outfit. Don’t hide it in a jewelry box when you aren’t wearing it!

Turn your jewelry display into a functional and beautiful work of art that shows off your unique personality. Try one of these clever ideas to show off your jewelry collection!


Cabinet Hardware

Cover a board with burlap, and attach assorted knobs and cabinet pulls for a quirky jewelry display option.

Chain Link Solution

Head to your DIY store to purchase a length of chain. It comes in lots of colors and textures, and will make an edgy display for your jewelry.

Old Dresser Drawer

Create a functional shelf and bonus jewelry storage with this clever use for a drawer from an old dresser. Add a few dresser knobs or hooks and you have an eclectic storage solution!

Office Supply Clipboards

Add some pretty fabric to a plain brown clipboard, and instantly transform it from a boring paper holder into a head-turning display for your favorite jewelry pieces. You can complement any décor with a trip to the fabric store and a hot glue gun!

Picture Frame

Add some hooks and pretty ribbon to a vintage picture frame to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry storage solution. Simply hang it on the wall to display your collection!

Create a Collage

For a large jewelry collection, create a collage out of many picture frames hung in an interesting display. You can find vintage picture frames at yard sales and thrift stores to paint and re-purpose.

Wooden Ladder

Create a rustic looking jewelry display with an old ladder and some chicken wire. The chicken wire between the rungs creates a great space to hang your jewelry collection.

Wooden Printer’s Tray

Visit your local flea market or thrift store and look for a wooden printer’s tray with its many little compartments. These vintage trays look like they were made to display your jewelry!

Elegant Glass Bottles

Fill a shelf with different color glass bottles, and you have a sparkling display to show off your favorite pieces. You can pick up a variety of sizes at your local thrift store, and use your jewelry to create a focal point in any room!

Picture Wire

Purchase some eye hooks and picture wire, and you can create jewelry storage in the exact size you need to fit your space. This minimalistic solution will help create a pop of interest anywhere you hang your favorite jewelry.

Not Just for Silverware

You can find a cutlery tray at any dollar or discount store. Keep your necklaces and bracelets tangle free with this affordable, simple solution and never have to untangle your necklaces again!

Tennis Anyone?

That old tennis racket in the garage will make a fun, interesting jewelry display! Simply paint the racket to match your room decor, and hang it on the wall. You can display your jewelry in the strings!

Simple and Easy Corkboard

Take a trip to your local office supply store to choose a corkboard that matches your decor. Pick up some T-pins to use to hang your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and you have a simple yet effective way to display your jewelry collection.

Repurpose a Window Frame

Turn an old wooden window frame into a personalized jewelry display with a little creativity, some foam board, and unique fabric to show off your personal style.

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? Show this article to your crafty friends and family and let us know!