Dish Soap For The Toilet? Genius

Dish soap can be found in every home, as it's the best friend if you need to clean things. Most people rely on it to clean their dishes and small spills left behind after cooking. But there are so many things it can also do that we don't think about! Aside from cleaning dishes, dish soap can do so much more.

We have the 11 best reasons why you should always have dish soap in your home!

1: Spiders And Ants Begone

Nobody likes ants and most people also don't like spiders! In general, insects aren't really human's best friend and rather unwelcome guests. You don't want them in your home? Just mix some dish soap with water, fill up a spray bottle and spray it on your door frames, window frames and thresholds. Spray it everywhere those little creepy crawlies can come in.

They don't like dish soap and will turn around and leave before even entering your home!

2: Grease Stains Take A Hike

You've spilled some oil on yourself? Or grease got on your carpet? No problem if you have dish soap! Just take a sponge, soak it with warm water, spill a few drops of soap on the stain and then dab at it with the sponge. Rub the carpet dry. If the stain was on your shirt, you can wash it out in the sink and then let it dry naturally!

3: If You Have No Detergent But Laundry, Dish Soap Is Your Savior!

You're all out of detergent and don't feel up to running to the store for it or the store's closed - but you still need to do some laundry right now? Then use dish soap! You shouldn't do this every time, as it's not made for fabric - but once or twice is no problem.

4: Fogged Up Surfaces - See You!

Rub a bit of dish soap across your windshield or mirrors. This not only cleans the surface, these surfaces also won't fog up anymore when it's cold outside! In your bathroom, your mirror will stay clear when you're showering!

5: Your Jewelry Will Shine Again!

Take some carbonated mineral water and fill a bowl with it. Add a dash of dish soap and then stir the mixture carefully for a little while so the soap dissolves. Then put your jewelry into the soap-water mix. After 5 minutes, take it out again and clean it with an old toothbrush or any other small, soft brush, go over it again with some soapy water and then clean it with clear water. You'll be amazed about how much it sparkles!

6: Ivy Be Gone!

Most homeowners know how much trouble ivy can be. It grows like crazy and you just can't get rid of it, no matter how much you cut it back. Just take some dish soap, but on some rubber or disposable gloves and rub the soap all over the ivy. After a few days, the plant will start to wither! If even this doesn't help, just cut it back until it's right above the ground, drill some holes into the lignifications (the more woodsy parts of the plant) and fill in some soap. That plant won't grow another inch!

7: Glittering Soap Bubbles On Comman! Evren

There are no more soap bubbles as the bottle is empty, maybe even spilled, and your kid is sad? Just mix some water with the dish soap, fill it inside the soap bubble bottle, shake it and try it out: Wonderful bubbles just from soap and water!

8: Fleas Are Fough Effectively!

Every pet owner knows how annoying those little fleas can be. Lots of remedies don't work and so you try something else. That also the case for you? Just try this: Wash your animal with some dish soap and lemon juice. Let it soak for one minute and then wash it out thoroughly. Now the fleas should be gone and not come back right away!

9: Oil Stains On The Floor? No Problem For Dish Soap!

We're all just human. Everybody spills a bit motor, mechanical or lubrication oil sometimes. This is especially annoying when you don't notice it right away, as those stains easily turn into something that just won't go away! But with dish soap, those stains usually aren't a problem at all! Splash some soap on the stain, spread it around by dabbing at it and then wipe or brush it away. Should there still be some left after the first time, just repeat the action.

10: Flies Won't Annoy You Anymore!

Flies can make your life hell, especially during warm weather! Dish soap is the solution: Take a bowl and add a bit of dish soap with a fruity smell to it. If you only have normal dish soap, add a few drops of lemon or orange juice. Mix everything with a bit of water and then fix some foil on top of the bowl. Once you've made a few holes in the foil, you have the perfect fly tryp!

11: Plumbers Are No Longer Needed!

If your toilet is clogged, just add a lot of dish soap and let it soak for at least 20 minutes. Then carefully add a whole bucket of hot water to your toilet. The soap will dissolve the blockage and let it flow down better. By using hot water afterward the clogged up bits basically get a push!

Did you already know all these reasons why you should have dish soap? Would you like to try some of them? Would you like to add a few things? Then share this article with your friends so they can read these tips as well!