Disabled Dog Left For Dead At 2 Months Old Finds Forever Home: 'Happiest Dog Alive'

Feb 15, 2019 by apost team

As humans breed dogs more and more throughout the years, we may notice some certain conditions and illnesses becoming more common. Although some situations are completely random and out of the ordinary, some conditions can be avoided by only breeding dogs in a responsible manner.

However, not all breeders are moral enough to understand the correct conditions in which to raise and breed healthy and happy dogs.

Since so many different types of dogs are in demand, the breeder may not know enough about certain health problems or breed specific requirements which end up in poor health for the dogs that they raise.

This results in many dogs with problems having to spend their lives in a shelter due to their deformities or disabilities, which is an unfortunate circumstance of improper breeding.


For one dog of the American foxhound breed, his life is a little different than the average dog.

His name is Cooper, and he doesn’t look exactly like other dogs of his breed. Cooper was discarded because of his disability, but thankfully he was recused by animal control services back in 2017. When they first found Cooper, he was only 8 weeks old.

Cooper seemed to have a lot of the traits that are caused by inbreeding, such as a condition called short spine syndrome. Although Cooper is full sized and now full grown, his body is compressed down into a shorter area, which means that his back and neck are shorter than most dogs of his breed.

Thankfully, a rescue organization called Secondhand Hounds was able to save Cooper. They nursed him back to health and found him a forever home!

Elly and Andy Keegan were more than happy to adopt the disabled puppy after his rough start at life. Although he is unusual, they enjoy having him around. It’s important that they watch over him closely because his body is a lot more fragile than the traditional dog.

He suffers from spinal abnormalities that make his movements a bit more difficult, and he enjoys grass or carpet over hard surfaces. But despite the challenges that he faces.

Cooper is an amazing dog who will be able to live a long and happy life thanks to the owners and rescue organization that saved him.

His family notes how friendly he is since being rescued, and although he’s undergone some surgeries and his health problems are long from over, he’ll be able to persevere with the love that his human owners give him.

What do you think about Cooper’s story? Would you ever adopt a dog with disabilities? Tell us in the comments and pass this cute story on to your animal loving friends and loved ones.