Devoted Wife Surprises Husband By Moving Into His Care Home To Be Together Again

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

When dementia coupled with the coronavirus threatened to keep a married couple separated in England this fall, Betty Meredith was determined not to let that happen.

Not being able to live without the love of her life, Betty secretly moved into the nursing home where her husband was living.

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Kenneth had had dementia for quite some time, and in recent years, his condition was beginning to worsen, according to Yahoo News. At age 91, caring for her 96-year-old husband was a great challenge for Betty. That why she decided that moving Kenneth into a care home was the best thing she could do for him. Kenneth moved into Bourn View Care Home in Birmingham, England.

Although Betty knew it was the right thing to do, it was still a difficult decision for her to make, as the couple has been married for over 70 years. 

After just five weeks of separation, it seems that what most would consider being a short amount of time was just too much for the couple to handle. To make matters worse, Betty couldn't even visit Kenneth due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. 

"They couldn't cope without each other any longer. Kenneth was emotional every day and missed her so much," 24-year-old caretaker Rosie Boshell told Huffpost. "He would cry daily to us."

Unable to take life without her dear husband any longer, she found an unconventional solution: she moved into his care home.

Keeping Things on the Down-Low

According to Yahoo News, Betty moved into a floor below where her husband was just five weeks after he moved into the facility. After joining the care home, the 91-year-old had to self-isolate while waiting for her COVID-test results to come back before reuniting Kenneth. 

Betty would continue to call Kenneth for their daily catch-up but never revealed where she was. 

A Well-Planned Surprise

With the help of Rosie Boshell, Betty was able to stage a beautiful reunion with an ambiance that just oozed love. Seated at a table with roses and heart-shaped balloons with Only You by The Platters playing in the background, Betty patiently awaited seeing her love again.

When Kenneth made his way through the door and saw Betty sitting there awaiting him, he could not stop his tears from pouring out. 

"Kenneth was emotional every day and missed her so much. He would cry daily to us," Boshell told Yahoo News.

Betty and Boshell had another surprise for Kenneth up their sleeves; with Betty finally out of quarantine, the two would be sharing a room. 

It Works!

"Every time I went to see them they were just smiling. They're just so happy…" Boshell added.

Their great-granddaughter posted a video of their reunion on Twitter. 

"My grandad went into a care home 5 weeks ago and my nan couldn't live without him so she decided to move in and the care home did this for them my actual heart," she wrote.

The video attracted much attention, with it being retweeted over 9,000 times since Charlotte posted it last week. 

Love Is Truly in the Heart

Speaking to the HuffPost, Bushell gushed over Betty and Kenneth's special relationship. 

"There was not one dry eye as the staff cheered and celebrated the wonderful couple's reunion," she said. "They've been married 71 years, together for 76 and have never had an argument. Talk about couple goals!"

The care worker also spoke about her rewarding job at the care home. 

 "Honestly the job is amazing," Boshell told HuffPost. "We aren't a care home we are a family and would do anything for our family staff and residents."

Dementia: A Global Problem

Dementia is a condition in which an individual experiences a deterioration of memory and general cognitive abilities, making it difficult for them to carry out everyday tasks. According to the World Health Organization, there are currently around 50 million people dealing with dementia. It's most common form is Alzheimer's disease, and the condition generally affects older people – although young-onset dementia accounts for roughly 9 percent of all cases. 

The condition can make not only the lives of the patients difficult but also those around them. Dementia can have a physical, social, psychological, and even financial impact on careers and has become a significant cause of disability and dependency for seniors worldwide. 

Thankfully, both Kenneth and Betty will now get the care they both desperately need in their care home – and having each other will undeniably make things even better. 



Have you ever been in love so deeply that you would go to the ends of the earth for someone, even to this extent? Do you believe that true love like this still exists and is possible today? Do you think that this is an example of how love used to be, but times have changed now? 

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