Depressed Dog Sneaks Out Of House To Locate His Hospitalized Owner

Everyone knows dogs are loyal. They love their owners and show tremendous affection towards their human family members. Anyone who spent even a slight amount of time around dogs knows all this. What does surprise people, however, is the lengths some dogs go to show their owners how much they care. One sad dog even decided to leave home and visit his owner in the hospital!

John Dolan found himself dealing with skin ulcers, a serious condition requiring a hospital stay. After about two weeks, Dolan's Siberian Husky, Zander, suffered from overwhelming loneliness. Zander missed Dolan so much the dog ran away from home. The dog didn't just disappear, though. He went on a tracking mission to find John Dolan.

Traveling unaccompanied down the roads and streets of Long Island isn't easy for humans who don't know their way around. Could Zander possibly locate John by instinctual tracking skills alone? The answer revealed itself when Zander appeared at the front door of the Good Samaritan Hospital. The hospital wasn't around the proverbial corner. It stands two miles away from where John Dolan and his family live.

Most frightening of all, Zander had to cross a major highway to reach the hospital and go through a running stream to reach the hospital. The journey is dangerous and presents many hazards capable of throwing Zander off John's scent. The courageous canine was still capable of completing his quest.

Separation anxiety drove the dog to run away from home and in the direction of the hospital. John's wife pointed out that the dog would stay close to John's bed and displayed signs of missing him. That is, the dog howled uncontrollably.

Thankfully, Zander's owners put identifying tags on him. Workers at the hospital were able to call John to tell him they found his dog. Imagine everyone's shock when it turned out John was at the hospital the staff member was calling from. At least this particular tale of a runaway dog has a happy ending.

Surprise your dog-lover friends with this incredible tale. They may feel some pleasant shock when reading it.