Dentist Travels The World To Fix Underserved People's Teeth At No Cost, Transforming Smiles And Lives

Nov 06, 2019

Who can brighten the world with a smile? Brazilian dentist Dr. Felipe Rossi can. His philosophy is to be happy by planting a smile at each moment of the day.

Dr. Rossi travels around the world to fix the smiles and oral health of people with no dental care access at no cost to the patients. He founded the organization Por1sorriso, which is an NGO that is focused on promoting generalized health as well as dental care.

These services are provided to very needy communities that have almost no access to health services. Por1sorriso, located in Brazil, assists communities in Africa as well. Rossi and his colleagues fix the teeth of the poor communities at no cost to the patients.

Dr. Rossi sees the need to work both at home and abroad:

‘We travel every month to meet the most disadvantaged people, and there are many," he told Metro. "In Brazil, more than 20 million people have never gone to the dentist. This number is alarming.  And we get in there and see this lack of care."

If you’d like to view something beautiful, check out Rossi’s patients’ before and after pictures on his Instagram account. The considerable changes in the way people look and the wide grins on their faces remain astonishing.

These folks get seen smiling from ear to ear, laughing out loud, or emotionally crying when they see their new and improved appearance after treatment. If you need a boost for your day, you’ll get it on Rossi’s Instagram page.

Please check out the amazing results on Dr. Felipe Rossi’s Instagram page. Then follow them for additional information on the group’s services. Let your friends know about the great work done by this man and make somebody’s day, and spread the word about this great group and their work.