Delivery Driver Pulls Over To Rescue A Puppy Thrown Out Of A Car

Dec 01, 2019 by apost team

A UPS driver played the role of a hero recently when he rescued an animal that was about to meet a potentially tragic fate.

Jason Harcrow told KCRA News that he was driving his normal route in California when he witnessed something that would make anyone's stomach turn. While out delivering his packages, Jason saw a car stop, open the door, and throw out a puppy. The car then drove off, leaving the puppy to fend for itself on a busy road.

This overt act of animal cruelty shocked Jason. He immediately stopped his truck and ran out into the road to grab the puppy before she could scamper out onto the busy road.

Although Jason did not get the license plate number of the offending vehicle, he at least saved the puppy from danger. He then took the puppy to a local police station. From there, the pup was turned over to animal services for evaluation.

The Hughson Police Services said that the puppy is doing well and will soon be available for adoption at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter.

After dropping the puppy off with authorities, Jason resumed his normal delivery route without even giving his name to the police department. However, the police posted a picture of him and his coworkers identified him as the hero in this incident, giving him the credit that he deserved.

Let's try to find this sweet puppy a forever home. After you have checked out these adorable pictures, be sure to spread the photos to everyone else that you know.