Delaware Is Now The Nation’s First 'No-Kill' State For Animal Shelters

The state of Delaware will now be a place where animals in shelters can breathe easy. There will be no expectation of being sent to their demise since Delaware is the first and only no-kill state. Belyakov

The news was announced at the Best Friends Society conference this summer, and is reflected on their No-Kill dashboard on their website. The organization notes that there were 733,000 dogs and cats that were put down in shelters last year for the only reason that there was no space or resources for them to be taken care of.

Now, Delaware is taking the first step for animals in such a situation to be saved. It is the first in an advocacy effort by the Best Friends Society to have the entire nation be no-kill by 2025. “No-kill” is defined as when every shelter in a community saves cats and dogs at a rate of 90%.

The reason behind Delaware’s success is explained by Holly Sizemore, the Chief Mission Officer of Best Friends Animal Society.

"Delaware put a policy emphasis on animal issues," Sizemore told CBS News. "There are some terrific organizations working collaboratively there and the residents care deeply about the issue and have stepped up to help."

It just goes to show with a little bit of grassroots effort, the cats and dogs of Delaware are now able to live long and happy lives.

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