Dehydrated Armadillo Relishes A Drink Of Water From A Stranger

Dec 06, 2019 by apost team

When Caio Giovani was driving a route through a desolate stretch of road near Mato Grosso, Brazil, he saw something lying on the road. Giovani took a closer look and saw an armadillo in distress so he pulled over to help.

 "I could see he was not well," Giovani said to The Dodo. "It felt like he was asking me for something ... for some help." So he took the armadillo to the side of the road and opened the spigot on his truck's water tank.

The grateful armadillo stood under the steady stream of water, soaking its skin and drinking its fill of water. Giovani took a video of the armadillo finding relief from the heat and it has been viewed thousands of times.

He believes that the armadillo was dehydrated and exhausted. He feels that the animal waited on the road because it was asking for help.

Once the armadillo was rehydrated, Giovani brought it to a shady spot in the woods. He left his new friend with some fruit in case it was hungry. He told The Dodo that the armadillo appeared much healthier and more alert when they parted ways. 

Caio Giovani most likely saved the armadillo's life, and the armadillo gave Giovani an experience that he will never forget. A small act of kindness changed two lives for the better.

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