Deer Encounters Snowman Blocking His Way and "Deals" With It By Doing What Deer Do Best

If you’ve ever lived in the Midwest, you know just how brutal the winter season can be. There’s constantly snow covering the ground, the wind chill can make temperatures feel like they’re below zero, and it can be hard to drive anywhere because of the impact weather conditions have on the state of the roads.

Many people use these months to spend time with their loved ones and bundle up inside reading books and watching television, but animals that live outdoors have no choice but to endure the cold in the only way they know possible.

Those living in suburban areas or locations with plenty of wildlife know how joyous it can feel to see beautiful animals surrounding their house in the cold months. Deer, in particular, are known for wandering around near houses and although many people find them adorable, they can also demolish the landscaping that surrounds your home. 

But one adorable deer, in particular, has caught the attention of everyone with his most recent actions! Thankfully, the moment was recorded for viewers all over the world to enjoy.

 As the deer was wandering around the yard of a person’s home, he stumbled upon something unusual: a snowman! Not quite sure what to do with the mound of snow, the deer gently sniffs it and tries to determine what the snowman is.

Because of the harsh climate, the deer may be looking for an easily obtainable snack, and he when he finally realizes what part of the snowman’s body is edible, the moment is too precious for words!

Most people make their snowmen by giving them a nose made of a carrot, the perfect snack for a deer! But this moment became even more special for the beautiful animals when he realizes that the snowman not only has a nose made of a carrot, but a hairstyle made of a bunch of carrots as well!

Before long, the deer realize that this mound of snow is made of tasty treats and begins chomping down on it!

While munching down on his newfound snack, another deer wanders into the scene and simply watches the first deer enjoying his meal. But this deer wasn’t finished with the snowman, even after all the carrots were gone!

To make sure he didn’t leave anything behind, he begins knocking the snowman down in a hilarious fit! It’s a moment that you have to see for yourself to believe. 

The video has been watched over one million times since it was first posted, and it’s sure to bring you joy. What do you think about this deer’s reaction to the snowman?