Dedicated Pet Dad Won’t Let Arthritis Sadden Senior Dog, Takes Him On Walk Each Day

Oct 30, 2019 by apost team

All dog owners know the pain of watching their beloved four-footed family members get old. However, Tonino Vitale from Italy wasn't willing to let arthritis impair Dylan's lifestyle in any way. When this devoted dog lover noticed his 13-year-old yellow Labrador retriever was acting bummed out, he sprang into action.

Like most labs, Dylan was a puppy at heart. However, at 13, Dylan's active lifestyle starting catching up with him in the form of aching joints. Unable to play and walk without pain, Dylan sank into a depression reports Il Vibonese.

Although Tonino had heard of special mobility carts and wheelchairs for dogs, he quickly learned they were very pricey. Not one to let his dog down, he got to work and built a cart of his own design for Dylan. Dylan could lie or sit on the cart while Tonino pulled it. Being able to go out for daily "walks" in the fresh air and continue to greet all of his friends, both four- and two-legged, rapidly restored Dylan's normally upbeat and plucky spirit.

Tonino dismisses out of hand any suggestion that his efforts to ensure Dylan enjoys life are extraordinary in any way; he says that when his own mother passed away he fell into a deep depression and his buddy Dylan supported him through every minute of his grief and engaged in happy playful antics to try to cheer him up. So, he's doing the same for Dylan, which is only natural. Friends support each other no matter what.

It is a wonderful story of the bond between man and dog. Consider discussing this heart-warming story of friendship and family with your own family and friends.