Dedicated Group Of Fourth-Graders Helped Start Legacy Which Saved Over 20,000 Animals

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

In the fourth grade, students are occupied with learning the basics of math, science, English, and social studies. However, one fourth grade class in Dalhart, Texas took things a few steps further. In 2003, Diane Trull and her students founded Dawgs n Texas, a rescue shelter dedicated to save animals' lives. Their small step to helping animals has resulted in finding homes for over 20,000 animals.

One Small Class Leaving One Lasting Impression

The story started 17 years ago when the fourth-grade class asked their teacher what happens when animals don't find a home, according to Bored Panda. The class decided to take it upon themselves to find homes for all of the puppies. After finding success, the teacher, Diane Trull, decided to start a rescue effort.

That year, the class founded DAWGS — Dalhart Animal Wellness Group & Sanctuary. This sanctuary soon becomes the one place for animals to find shelter until they can be adopted by a family. Today, the facility has grown and has helped find over 20,000 homes, according to the sanctuary's website.

The Importance of "No-Kil" Animal Shelters

All over the country, there are animal shelters that are responsible for the care of unwanted animals. However, some of these shelters are forced to euthanize animals that have been at the shelter for too long a time. That has lead to the rise of "no-kill" shelters. These shelters provide permanent housing and care for these unwanted animals.

Classes Making a Big Difference

Around the world, there have been a number of elementary school classes that have made a big difference in the world. Recently, an elementary school in Memphis raised money to buy a car for one of its janitors. At Farmington Elementary School, the students found out that their janitor had to take three buses and walk two miles to get home from work. The school started a GoFundMe campaign to get the janitor a car.

The Important Of Teaching Children to Make a Difference

While school children work hard to learn the basics in education, it is especially valuable if these students also learn how to make a big difference in the world. By finding problems in the world and creating solutions to those problems, even kids in elementary schools can make a big impact on society.

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