Decoy Sea Otter Records Adorable Antics On Camera

Jul 29, 2020

Do you ever sit back and wonder what animals do for fun in the sea? I'm sure your answer is no, but here we are. Let us have some fun with a not so popular creature of the ocean known as the sea otter. Have you ever wondered how you would interact intimately with a sea otter? They are some of the most beautiful, smart, and cute animals in the sea. Let me give you a tip. Just get a camera using a decoy otter into the water and get footage of the beautiful sea animal.

In this footage recorded by the BBC in 2017, we get to see sea otters playing in their natural habitat without human interference, thanks to a clever decoy camera. 

The real sea otter here interacts with a decoy. Thanks to this we get interactive footage of the sea otter and get to see the cuteness with no limitations.

The sea otter performs a version of a signature handshake that looks like a hug. This is one of the cutest things you can ever see from an animal. It is compassionate.

Using the decoy otter, you can see the activities that the sea otter participates in. You can view a clear shot of it diving deep into the water. The sea otter is excited to interact with a decoy otter and does imitations that may seem interesting to it. It can dive into the sea bed and grab a rock. It then places it on its chest and does a magnificent back float. This activity seems to be the otter's idea of fun or maybe something to do to get a reaction out of the unmoving decoy. Isn't that cute?

The sea otter craves attention from the decoy. Because of this, it continues to do interesting activities to try and get the attention of the decoy. Guess what? He decides to get a shellfish and smashes it against the rock. For such a small animal, it is kind of strong because it crashes and cracks the shellfish open. It then comes up to the face of the decoy before finally eating the hard-earned prize.

Using the decoy, you get to document all these fun activities that sea otters are doing to get a reaction from the decoy. The other otter is definitely looking for a new friend and most likely wondering why this one otter is not responding. The cute little animal continuously repeats the activities and imitations. You will get beautiful footage of the animal enjoying life.

The sea otter is comfortable because the spy otter is harmless. It treats the decoy as one of its own, which is exactly why the scientists decided on using this method to observe the otters in their natural habitat. Using the decoy, you can infiltrate the sea otters and experience their life in the most intimate and close view as possible.

Sea otters are extremely friendly animals that enjoy each other's company. Although these animals can be shy, they can get extremely mischievous and playful with each other. The sea otters also try to protect their families and friends in times of danger. Thanks to decoys such as these, scientists can watch the adaptation to danger first hand without interrupting and interfering with the otter's reactions.

The footage might be even more interesting because the creatures might carry the decoy sea otter with them and protect it as one of its own. Who wouldn't want to watch such wholesome animals in their natural habitat?

What did you think of this up-close-and-personal footage of the sea otter in its natural habitat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, then be sure to pass this adorable video on to animal lovers you know!