Deaf Hiker Falls Down 700 Hundred-Foot Mountain - But Then A 'White Wolf' Comes Towards Her

Aug 28, 2018 by apost team

Amelia Milling is a lot like other 21-year-olds, meaning she's fearless. She wasn’t expecting anything bad or unusual to happen to her after she set out for a long hike through Crow Pass Trail, a beautiful trail in a state park about 20 miles from Anchorage, Alaska. Unfortunately, life often has other plans and you always have to be prepared for a disaster! Amelia also happens to be deaf and when she was about four miles into the hike, her adventure took a turn for the worst.

Amelia lost her balance and fell when one of the trekking poles she was using snapped. She first fell about 300 feet down through a snowy portion of the mountain. She then smacked off of a boulder and slid another 300 to 400 feet down. As she sat up to inspect her injuries, Amelia quickly realized that she wasn’t alone! She spotted a very large white animal nearby and thought it was a white wolf. She started to panic until the “wolf” got closer and she realized that it had a collar around its neck. It was a white husky dog and he was here to help!

Amelia read the name on the tag- Nanook. She and Nanook got back on the trail and stopped to set up camp for the night. Amelia later found out that Nanook was a trail guide dog, which explains why her furry companion never left her side!

Amelia set out the next day, within just 24 hours of her fall, to try and cross a nearby river. Unfortunately, the current in the river was stronger than she realized and repeatedly drug her underwater. Nanook stepped in and grabbed her backpack strap and pulled her out!

After she got back on land, Amelia used a GPS device known as a SPOT beacon. This device alerted the Alaska State Troopers of her emergency situation, and they were able to rescue her and Nanook quickly afterward. She credits her survival to Nanook, who helped get her to safety when she needed it. She also thanks the troopers for their quick response time!

This wasn’t the first time Nanook had saved someone. This amazing dog once pulled a little girl out of a river! Nanook and Amelia are both home, safe and sound.

Check out the heartwarming video below and let us know what you think!

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