Deaf, Blind Stranger Struggles On Plane But Then 15-Year-Old Takes His Hands And Sings For Him

Jul 16, 2019

There are so many stories on the news about people being cruel to one another or claiming that young people don't care, but a woman on an Alaska Airlines flight witnessed just the opposite. One of the other passengers on the flight was a man who was both deaf and blind, and the staff and the man's seatmate were working hard to try to accommodate him.

That's when the flight staff got the idea to ask over the intercom whether anyone on the plane knew sign language. A 15-year-old girl named Clara Daly, who had learned sign language because her dyslexia meant she struggled with other foreign languages, came forward.

A Friendship Forms

The young woman introduced herself to the man, communicating by signing into his palm so that he could "read" what she was saying despite being unable to see it. She stayed with him for the entire flight, chatting and laughing and warming the hearts of passengers around them. The man asked her many questions, and she patiently answered them all.

Meant to Be

Clara was actually supposed to be on an earlier flight, but it was canceled. But her family believes that cancellation happened for a reason. The Dalys were actually meant to be on the next flight so she could be there to help the man.

Clara's mother Jane was so proud of her that she also shared the story on social media. She did not think she had ever witnessed so many people working together to make sure another person was taken care of.

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