Dave Grohl Gives Guitar To 10-Year-Old Kid On Stage - Their Metallica Cover Goes Viral Instantly

Oct 17, 2018 by apost team

While many Dave Grohl fans will chalk this moment up to the lead Foo Fighters singer just being his normal awesome self, the moment he brought a young boy up on stage with him to rock out to Metallica made an impression on everyone in the arena.

At last week's Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City, Missouri, Grohl delighted the Sprint Center audience when he invited a 10-year-old fan named Collier on stage to riff with the legendary rock band. In classic Grohl fashion, the affable rocker asked Collier if he played guitar.

When Collier answered yes, Grohl asked him what songs he knew. Answering that he knew Metallica songs, Grohl and his new friend Collier ripped into a rousing rendition of the classic hit "Enter Sandman".


Grohl let Collier take the lead with the opening chords before the rest of the band joined in on the fun. The epic moment culminated with Grohl telling Collier to go ahead and keep the guitar since the tour was almost over. Grohl then jokingly warned the boy that he better not see the instrument for sale on eBay.

The surprise performance quickly went viral. In addition to lauding his natural musical abilities, online comments praised the boy's commanding stage presence, confidence, and command of the guitar. Grohl also received a large number of compliments for his willingness to take a chance and bring the boy on stage.

As a father himself, Grohl was praised for demonstrating the human side of rockers.

If you enjoyed this video of the musical collaboration between Grohl and his new friend, Collier, be sure to invite your friends to watch the magical moment on stage. With just a few dates left in the Concrete and Gold Tour 2018, this moment will be sure to be one of the highlights. Don't let your friends miss out on this heartwarming performance!