Daughter Battles Her Father To Humorous Dance-Off

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

Colorado resident Chris Starkey is brightening viewers' days on YouTube with his Dance Dad TV YouTube channel. As the channel's name suggests, Starkey is a middle-aged dad who likes to dance. In an extremely popular video from earlier this year, Starkey and his daughter competed in a living room dance-off to Flo Rida's hit track Low for what Starkey calls "Quarantine Monday."

Family Time During a Pandemic

Current worldwide situations call for some creativity when families are being forced to quarantine at home and social distance. In fact, many families are turning to alternative measures to stay entertained and have a good time, while staying healthy. One daughter decided that challenging her dad to a dance off would allow them to have some fun during these trying times. Lucky for us, they recorded it, allowing the entire world to laugh and enjoy their silly antics.


Challenge Accepted

A father and daughter duo in Colorado decided to take matters into their own hands when they found themselves bored amid a worldwide pandemic. Working from home, as most now are, Chris Starkey was surprised when his daughter, Brooklyn, came up with the idea to partake in an old-fashioned dance-off. According to his daughter, this dad was assumed to not "have it" anymore and was expected to fail at this competition. Yet, Brooklyn was surprised when her dad threw on his athletic ensemble on a Monday and took her up on her dance-off challenge.

A Video So Funny, You Won't Want to Miss It

Just a dad with a sense of humor, Starkey loves to prove that parents can have fun, too. With his video entry declaration stating that a 38-year-old can still get down, his daughter attempts to correct him with her own comical guesses of his age in the 50s and 70s. This jab really gets the competitive juices flowing, and the dance-off begins. Remaining at least six feet apart with their hoods up, these two remind viewers to socially distance and sanitize frequently. After their introduction, viewers can hear lyrics from the popular song Low by Flo Rida.

Dad Does Still "Have It"

It does not take long for viewers to see that dad, Chris, really is not that bad of a dancer, and there was some truth to his statement that he has still "got it." Jumping into a choreographed dance, these two planned this comical dance-off ahead of time. Yet, viewers are still entertained, nonetheless. Sporting modern dance moves with theatrical facial expressions, fans find great enjoyment from Chris' attempts to stay with the times in his contemporary dance.

Daughter is Pushed Aside as Dad Gains Confidence

At one point, dad becomes so confident that he simply scoots his daughter out of the way, leaving him as he solo act in this competition. Of course, we soon find out that there is a good reason behind this dance-off that has to do with charity, as KDVR reports. Starkey is seeking to draw attention to his goal to provide aid to hospitals and elderly patients who cannot communicate with their families, the news outlet reports. Chris wants to give back to those who are less fortunate. Along with having a good time, Chris and his daughter thought creating a viral video to gain national attention could not hurt.

A Declared Winner

It is clear that dad, Chris, is the ultimate champion. Do not forget to let us know what you thought of this father/daughter dance-off, too! And make sure to spread the good vibes by passing this heartwarming dance-off on to your friends and family members.