Darci Lynne's Puppet Impersonating Elvis And Singing His Hits Gets Everyone 'All Shook Up'

Darci Lynne Farmer is no stranger to fame. Before becoming famous on America’s Got Talent, Darci was stealing hearts all over the country with her singing ventriloquist act. She was so good that she received the “Golden Buzzer” on the hit show.

However, Darci Lynne is getting better and better as time goes on. We aren’t surprised that she won the show a few years ago, but we can’t wait to see what she will have in store for us in the future.

Way back in 2016, Darci Lynne came out on stage with her puppet, Okie the duck, to perform for the audience and judges. At just 13-years-old, this little girl was about to amaze everyone with her Elvis-style duet. This adorable little blond and her cute little friend started up the performance with some funny banter.


Their Elvis Presley style jokes were a big hit with the audience. Darci Lynne then teamed up with her puppet to perform “(You’re the) Devil in Disguise,” an Elvis hit from many years ago. Her execution of the song was amazingly perfect! No one could believe what they were hearing from this 13-year-old little girl.

Darci Lynn has been learning ventriloquism since she was just 10-years-old. It didn’t take her long to become so good at it that she could jump on America’s Got Talent just a couple of years later. We aren’t sure what this kid is going to do next, but we know it is going to be amazing!

From learning the art of ventriloquism when she was only 10 years old to winning America’s Got Talent just two years later – is there anything this talented 13-year-old can’t do? When we hear that she is going to perform again, we will make sure to watch it.

“(You’re the) Devil in Disguise” was released by Elvis Presley in 1963. It quickly hit the charts and remained number one in eight countries. Everyone loved the King back then, and people all around the world still listen to his music and visit Graceland, his home. If you are ready to hear an amazing rendition of the hit song, pull up a seat and hit the play button below!

Were you as amazed as we were to hear such a young child belt out a Presley song without even opening her mouth? Leave us a comment and be sure to pass this video on to your family and friends!