Dancers Shut Down Street To Make A Perfect Recreation Of Michael Jacksons 'Thriller'

Who hasn’t seen the 1982 hit, “Thriller,” performed by Michael Jackson? It is without a doubt one of the best videos to have ever been produced.

We see it all the time around Halloween when we search for spooky videos to dance to.

It’s blasted in bars and clubs all over the country and is one of the most popular Halloween hits to date.

The video itself is more like a mini-movie. It features Michael Jackson and his girlfriend walking home from the movies late at night. On their way, they encounter zombies shuffling towards them, scaring them both.

We then see Jackson transforming into a zombie himself. He then performs an amazing coordinated dance (to the shock of his girlfriend) with the other dancers.

Since its release, “Thriller” has inspired many parodies, tributes, and recreations. Everyone loved the video and wanted a piece of the action. 

The latest group to attempt this classic dance was The Fusion Dance Studio, located in Buffalo, New York. Their dance was nothing short of fantastic.

In order to film their performance, the studio needed to shut down a whole street. On Halloween night, the group performed two live performances in front of Osteria 166, a local restaurant. Kelli Wagner is the owner of the studio.

She is also a former choreographer for a cheerleading squad, the Buffalo Jills, who perform for the Buffalo Bills NFL team. Wagner stated they needed dozens of dancers in order to perform this amazing dance.

Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, was extremely impressed by their performance. So impressed, in fact, he decided to name the day after the dance studio. A proclamation of this document and a photo was posted on social media, thanking the mayor and everyone else who helped make their personal “Thriller tour” so great.

We love how wonderful the dancers look in costume. They really went all out for their performance!

Check it out right here:

They really knew the dance moves, didn’t they? It feels as if we are watching the original performance at times!

What did you think of this amazing performance? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this along to family and friends who love the original “Thriller!”