Dancers Mesmerize Audience With Amazing Strength And Precision

It isn’t always easy to dance in front of a large audience, no matter how well-trained you are. But for MainTenanT, it was an easy feat to accomplish and a dream come true. 

These two talented dancers took the stage with both finesse and grace. As they carefully came to rest in the center of the stage, they paused dramatically before the music started up. Their dance then unfolded into a brilliant routine that was beauty and perfection from start to finish.

Viewers could see how strong and talented the two were from the very beginning. The audience could also tell just how long the duo spent rehearsing this very dance. They obviously spent dozens of hours going over every small detail the dance demanded.

But as they danced together, you could see all the grueling hours were well worth the end result! 

MainTenanT is a Europe-based duo that includes Shenea Booth and Nicolas Besnard. Shenea is a famous acrobatic gymnast and Besnard is a professional dancer who was once part of the amazing group known as Cirque de Soleil, performing thousands of shows worldwide. 

When she is not practicing alongside Nicolas, Shenea performs worldwide as a two-time world champion. When the two get together and combine their amazing skills, the result is breathtaking. 

The two chose to begin their dance by gently grasping hands. As their routine begins to blossom, you can almost feel them becoming one due to the perfect movements that merge them together effortlessly. 

The audience watches as their routine became more and more impressive. They don’t hesitate between each pose- one goes fluidly into the next. The crowd claps and cheers as the routine becomes even more mind-blowing! 

Their routine demands strength from them both. Their moves are simply astonishing to watch! 

During one move, Shenea steps right up to Nicolas as he grabs her hands and holds her straight up! 

They have sultry, sleek moves that are mesmerizing to everyone who watches them! 

Are you ready to check out their performance yourself? Watch the video below and see what had the audience cheering! 

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