Dance Troupe With Down Syndrome Wows The Audience With Mindblowing Show

Nov 29, 2019

With a four-chair yes, dance troupe Flick Flock Danza moved on to the next round in the fifth season of Spain’s Got Talent. The troupe features children and adults with physical and mental disabilities and is all about inclusivity. 

Flick Flock Danza Delivered A Stunning Performance

This inclusive dance troupe has a little of everything. It’s a mixture of children and adults. As Inspire More reports, all the members have various degrees of physical or mental challenges, disabilities, or differences. And, they’re all part of a school headed by Susana Alcón. Students can take classes in gymnastics and various dance types, such as jazz and hip hop. Alcón told Inspire More that the students go further than just loving dance. Many need it and make it their life.

The group appeared nervous as they waited for their turn, but, when the music started, all that remained was poise, grace, and strength. The females moved so delicately that they seemed to float across the stage, and the males were like intertwined pillars of power. Each compilation oozed with emotion and feeling, stunning judges and leaving viewers in awe.

After learning the troupe was also from Cádiz, Judge Paz Padilla described how lucky she was to share their hometown and have yet another reason to be so proud of her birthplace.

Judge Edurn described the powerful chemistry between the dancers as like a “family.” Judge Risto Mejide, who’s often compared to the likes of Simon Cowell, was clearly the most moved of all the judges. Mejide spoke on his belief in inclusion in art and talent and how art isn’t art without it. Speaking on achieving that inclusion, Mejide said it will be “the day that an actor with Down Syndrome ceases to be news for acting in a movie.”

Needless to say, it was a yes from all four judges. We have no doubt that Flick Flock Danza will become fan favorites as the show continues and long after its conclusion.

While inclusivity, breaking ceiling barriers and defying misconceptions are an inevitable element of the success of Flick Flock Danza, the real inspiration here is in the commitment of anyone, regardless of their physical or mental condition, being dedicated to their art and talented enough to gift the world with such a stunning performance.

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