Daddy's 'Princess' Killed In Tragic Car Accident, Her Heart Saves Life of Dying Little Boy

When the soul of an innocent child departs, it is undeniably one of the most heart-breaking events. It leaves us hurting for the family that’s affected most by the death.

You can’t comprehend the sadness associated with death before someone has lived their best years. This applies to individuals who still have single digits on their age numbers. It would be inhuman for anyone not to see the tragedy in this situation.

They say there is always some good in everything that happens. This happened with 9-year-old Keira Ball of Britain descent whose life was cut short in 2017. Her story was narrated according to the Daily Mail, where they reveal that Keira’s family got into a dreadful car accident. The words cannot describe the wreckage adequately.

The accident left Keira’s mother and brother fighting hard for their lives. On the other hand, it left Keira with a dead brain.

The doctors put her on life support despite the situation as a form of courtesy to the family. Joe Ball, Keira’s father, had one more tough decision to make after the organ donation team approached him. They inquired if the family would donate Keira’s organs to save other lives.

“I just looked at Keira and thought, ‘If Keira was given the option, I’m sure she would have said yes,’” he told BBC. Her mother, Loanna, agreed.

'It's tragic. It's heart wrenching that we've lost Kiera. But unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done for Kiera. The fact that she's gone on and saved four other people is absolutely amazing.'

Joe decided to agree to the donation while putting Keira's thoughts into it. Her mother, Loanna, joined the bandwagon and agreed to donate the organs. Loanna quoted that Keira was a kind young girl who would be happy to see others benefit from her generosity.

Although it was a hard choice to make seeing that it was Keira’s organs in question. They had to do their best as human beings. Joe couldn’t fathom the real act of the medics arriving into the theatre room with organ preservation containers and each leaving with a piece of Keira.

Her heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas were all donated to serve another course. One of the beneficiaries is a 10-year-old boy, Max Johnson.

Keira’s heart helped save Max who had cardiomyopathy, a condition that triggers the heart to become large. Max was fighting for his life. The 10-year-old stated that he had come to terms with his fate: death. Keira’s heart helped change the situation.

“I honestly was ready, ready to die,” Max told the BBC. “I didn’t think I’d make it.”

Max met the Balls as a sign of gratitude for letting him keep Keira’s heart. He even gave his new heart a name, “Kax,” derived from pairing his name and Keira’s.

It was a life-changing event for Balls who has been on the forefront in support of “Max and Keira’s Law” that wants organ donation to be an automatic opt-in process in Britain. This could help save many lives.

Keira’s story is that of a tragedy turned into a blessing. Do you agree with the Balls about organ donation? If yes, let this life-turning story reach more people and help make the world a better place.