Virginia Man Performs All Of His Daughter’s Cheer Team Routines At Highschool Football Game - Becomes An Internet Sensation

Nov 08, 2019

A "cheer dad" is going viral for his amazing support of his daughter.

Hekili Holland is a resident of Yorktown, Virginia who recently attended a high school football game with his daughter. She was on the cheerleading team, and Hekili was right there in front of the crowd to support her.

In a fun twist, however, he didn't just clap and cheer. He performed the whole routine step by step. "I'm a fun-loving guy," he later admitted to reporters. "If you talk to my wife or any friend of mine, they'll tell you. I'm a little extra at times."

Another man in the crowd caught Hekili's cheerleading on tape.

He shared the video on Facebook with the caption, "This guy right here needs to go viral. By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!! This dude rocks!!!! GO YORK FALCONS!!!!" The response was immediate. Racking up thousands of likes and shares in a matter of hours, people flocked to the comments to show their love for such a supportive dad.

"This is awesome!" enthused one commenter. "This guy is a Falcon to the core!!!!" said another. Others were tagging each other and asking, "Will you do this if we have a daughter?" and "Better be ready to step your dad game up!"

As the video went viral, media outlets joined the fun as well. "

According to Goodmorning America, however, despite the heartwarming nature of the video, however, there's an even more heartwarming story behind it. Hekili was acting goofy on purpose to bring a little levity to a community in mourning.

Since its upload, the video has garnered over 3.5 millions views with people from all over the world leaving comments. 

“I smiled the entire time,” his daughter Mackenzi told The Washington Post. “I was like, ‘You go, Dad.’"

What do you think? Does this cheer dad have the moves? Would you whip out your phone and start recording if someone did something similar at one of your own high school games? Let us know in the comments!