Dad Who Had A Difficult Childhood Adopts Four Children And Gives Them The Home He Never Had

The idea of children suffering is hard for most of us to comprehend. It's even harder to grasp the idea that a child would be abused by their own parents, the people who are supposed to love and protect them. Tragically, many children in this world are treated horrifically by the people who are supposed to be their protectors.

Rob Scheer had a childhood that most people would not be able to survive. He was the youngest of 10 children, born to parents who can only be described as monsters. Rob endured sexual, emotional and physical abuse on a daily basis. His parents once held their children at gunpoint, taunting them about which one they would shoot first.

When his parents both died, then 10-year-old Rob declared it the "greatest gift" he'd ever received. Sadly, his tough childhood was far from over.

Rob was put into the foster care system and for the next eight years, he bounced from home to home, all of his worldly belongings stored in one trash bag. Although he never suffered as badly as he had with his biological parents, many of his foster parents subjected him to emotional and psychological abuse as well.

At 18-years-old, Rob was kicked out of foster care. With no way to fend for himself, he was homeless.

Rob had few options. Bravely, he decided to enlist in the military. Life in the service was tough, but it taught Rob how to fend for himself and how to trust others again. It was there that he met his future husband, Reece.

After Rob and Reece got married, they decided that they wanted to be parents. While they toyed with the idea of adopting from overseas, Rob knew that he owed it to other children like him to adopt from the foster system here at home.

Not only did Rob and Reece adopt from the American foster system, but they adopted two siblings who'd been labeled as "troubled." They later went on to adopt two more children. Although the road for them wasn't easy, Rob and Reece slowly made progress with their four children, who are now doing amazingly with their new fathers.

Reece told Rob that the world needed to hear his story of survival, love and courage. Today, besides being a great dad, Rob is a public speaker and advocate for kids in the foster system. He also runs a charity that provides suitcases to foster kids so that no foster child has to carry their belongings in a trash bag anymore.

You can watch his inspirational story in the video below:

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