Dad Who Didn’t Want Dog Now Tucks Him Into Bed At Night

Sep 20, 2020 by apost team

Rachael Rodrigues had always wanted a pet dog, but due to the number of responsibilities that the family would have to take, her parents have always said no. On the day of her graduation, she was surprised with a special gift from her parents: a sweet golden retriever. 

Rachael's joy knew no bounds! Then, her father unexpectedly developed an immediate attachment to their new addition to the family, although he had long been "anti-dog" before they got him. The video below from August 2020 shows this beautiful development. 

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Children especially seem to get along great with our furry, four-legged friends, but getting a dog is ultimately up to the parents or adults of the family. There are normally plenty of factors that deters adults from taking the decision to bring a new pet home. Rachael Rodrigues' parents dealt with a similar situation.

Rachael has wanted a dog for a long time, but her parents have always stated that she could not have one. They were more inclined to purchase a cat rather than a dog because they thought that cats were less maintenance, she told The Dodo.

Rachael claimed that her parents were very "anti-dog" and they wanted nothing to do with the walking, grooming, and training aspects of owning a pup. Because of her parents' adamance towards not getting a dog, she never expected to own one and was astonished when she was gifted with a puppy after her graduation.

While Rachael was smitten with her new puppy, Oliver, she did not expect that her father would develop a fondness, too. She claims that her father fell in love with the pup from the very beginning.

He would walk around the house holding tiny Oliver in his hands just for the sake of doing so. During the first week of having Oliver at home, they thought that the poor pup had a stomach ache because he would not sleep through the night. Rachael's father spent the night laying on the floor next to Oliver and rubbing his stomach.

Although her father may hate to admit that he was wrong, he has definitely developed a fondness for Oliver and the pup loves every second of it. You can see the obvious affection in his eyes as he soaks in all of the love poured out to him.

When Oliver is sleepy, he lies down on his bed for a long nap and Rachael's father quickly runs over to cover him with a blanket. After a few goodnight kisses and pets, he sends Oliver off to sleep and goes back to his daily chores. The video below shows Rechaels's father tucking his best friend in for a nap. 

Rachael claims that her father has treated Oliver as though he was her sibling. He greatly spoils Oliver and gives him the best treatment any dog could ever want. The family's journey is being recorded on their Instagram page and you can see just how spoiled little Oliver is.

Humans and pets often have the best relationships because while humans have a friend to always rely on, pets gain the care they need. Not to mention, sometimes our pets may be there for us when other people cannot.

For Rachael and her father, Oliver provides a great source of comfort and brings a spark of fun into their lives. Oliver has a great home now, and the family has found a new best friend.

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